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Our People

People – from our workforce to our suppliers – propel our business forward. We emphasize diversity in our people because it’s smart business. Our focus on an inclusive workplace that values different perspectives makes us a stronger company, drives innovation, and supports our efforts to make home possible for America’s families.

Our commitment to diversity starts with our hiring process, where we ensure all interested candidates are given a fair opportunity and consideration. Today, minorities and women make up nearly half our employees, their contributions vital in supporting our business. In addition, we continue to expand our outreach practices to attract more diverse firms in our contracting and subcontracting transactions so that our suppliers reflect the diversity we seek in our workforce.

  • Careers Blog

    Freddie Mac is your destination employer because more happens here. Find out more about our commitment to diversity, comprehensive benefits, innovative culture and focus on community service.

  • Life at Freddie Mac

    We're committed to offering our employees more. Our diverse and inclusive environment, competitive benefits and focus on providing opportunities for success make us a destination employer for top talent.

  • Business Resource Groups

    Our Business Resource Groups work together to support our business goals, give back to the community, and provide employees a powerful professional network.

  • Our Communities

    Our employees give freely of their time and talent in the communities where they live and work.

Equal Opportunity in Employment and Contracting | Supplier Diversity Policy